Orientation and Training Manuals


Board members are asked to have an in-depth knowledge of The Salvation Army's mission, values, programs and services to be able to properly support the organization's efforts in serving the local community. The following resources can be downloaded and helpful in conducting a successful orientation.

Advisory Organizations Orientation Guide

The Advisory Organizations Orientation Guide is designed to help the officer and the board leadership instruct new board members on the organization, board process, and key issues.  This guide will stimulate the thought processes and encourage the orientation effort, a worthy time investment for both the organization and the board member.

Advisory Organizations Training Manual

The Advisory Organizations Training Manual will help you to become an effective advisory organization member by understanding the Army structure, operations, standards, programs and services, and the important role of advisory boards.

NEW! Manual of Advisory Organizations and Articles of Organizations (also available in Spanish)

Officers' Advisory Organizations Training Guide

The Officers' Advisory Organizations Training Guide is designed to help the officer define his/her relationship with the Advisory Board, underscore effective board operations, and emphasize the officer's role in board development.